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  • Industrial News

    Industrial News

    expanded metal is steel sheet that has been slit then stretched to create a diamond or hexagonal style. People can use it in many ways The specifications as below: Strands are individual slit metal strips, or the sides of a diamond opening. SWD, or Short Way of Design, is the distance between a p...
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  • Extruder screen  is in different types of wire mesh cut into pieces

    Extruder screen  is in different types of wire mesh cut into pieces

    The materials are mainly plain steel, stainless steel and other material. stainless steel screen packs are more resistant to rust than other materail . Stainless Steel Extruder Screens are widely applied on plastic sheet extruder, , granulator, and nonwoven fabrics, color masterbatch, etc. Mesh: ...
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  • Inquiry now

    Inquiry now

    product description Nickel wire mesh refers to metal wire mesh products made of high-purity nickel materials (nickel wire, nickel plate, nickel foil, etc.) with a nickel content of 99.5% or higher. According to the production process, the products are divided into the following types: A. Nickel w...
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  • Epoxy caoted wire mesh

    Epoxy caoted wire mesh

    1. Product name / nickname: Epoxy coated wire mesh, epoxy coating mesh, electrostatic coating mesh, hydraulic filter protection mesh, hydraulic filter mesh, hydraulic filter metal mesh, filter support mesh, epoxy window screen mesh. 2. Detailed introduction of the product: Industrial epoxy coated...
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