What factors affect extruder screen price

There are many factors that affect the price and cost of Extruder screen, the key of which depends on the cost of filter materials and raw materials. There are many types of filter materials on the market at present, and the prices are not the same. The choice of these filter materials also determines the Filter screen. The increase or decrease in cost determines its price trend.xvcrtjywaf

Secondly, there is the issue of black wire cloth specifications. The same material and the same size, if the wire cloth specifications are different, there will be a certain gap in its price. The thickness problem is that the thickness of the cloth is related to the size and model, which will affect The price of cloth, in general,the cloth material, specifications, size, etc. will affect its price to varying degrees.

Of course, in addition to the material and other related factors that affect the price of cloth, there are also labor costs, packaging methods, transportation methods, after-sales service guarantees, etc., which will all be the influence of its price factors. Therefore, when buying wire cloth, you must You need to pay more attention, and you can’t buy inferior black wire cloth just because the picture is cheap.

The surface quality of cloth is one of the important factors to measure whether its performance is high. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly understand the connotation of the surface quality of  cloth, analyze various process factors that affect the surface quality during processing, and improve Surface quality and improving the performance of black wire cloth products are of great significance.

The scientific and reasonable selection of processing black silk cloth technology is an important basis for quality assurance. Only a scientific and reasonable process flow can be provided to provide a scientific and reasonable method basis for processing surface quality to meet the requirements. The scientific and reasonable process rules for black silk cloth are positioning To be accurate, it should also be considered from various aspects such as economic benefits, so as to ensure the processing quality of the black wire cloth surface, and avoid increasing the manufacturing cost and causing unnecessary losses.

When wire cloth is processed and manufactured, it is necessary to select and configure the corresponding inspections reasonably, provide suitable inspection facilities and environmental conditions, and formulate corresponding inspection and maintenance specifications and systems to ensure that the inspection work is carried out under the specified conditions. The qualified black silk cloth filter must be able to meet the needs of use, and have a higher cost performance and service life.

Post time: Nov-11-2021