why expanded metal is suitable for filter layers:

1. High strength: Expanded metal is made by cutting and stretching a metal sheet, which results in a pattern of interconnected strands. This process enhances the strength and rigidity of the metal, making it ideal for filter layers that need to withstand pressure and mechanical stress.

2. Uniform filtration: The p微信图片_20230911141520attern of holes in expanded metal is consistent and evenly distributed. This allows for uniform filtration and ensures that particles of a certain size are effectively captured by the filter layer.

3. Customizable hole size and shape: Expanded metal can be manufactured with specific hole sizes and shapes to match the filtration requirements of different applications. This flexibility allows for precise filtration and separation of particles based on their size.

4. High open area: Expanded metal typically has a high open area, meaning that a significant portion of the surface is open space. This allows for efficient flow of fluids or gases through the filter layer, minimizing pressure drop and maximizing filtration efficiency.

5. Easy cleaning and maintenance: Expanded metal filter layers are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The open design of the mesh allows for easy access and removal of trapped particles, ensuring that the filter layer remains effective over time.


Post time: Sep-11-2023