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product description

Nickel wire mesh refers to metal wire mesh products made of high-purity nickel materials (nickel wire, nickel plate, nickel foil, etc.) with a nickel content of 99.5% or higher.

According to the production process, the products are divided into the following types:

A. Nickel wire woven mesh: metal mesh woven with nickel wire (warp and weft);

B. Nickel wire woven mesh: woven mesh woven with nickel wire (crocheted);

C. Nickel stretched mesh: diamond mesh is made by stamping and stretching nickel plate and nickel foil.

D. Nickel perforated mesh: various metal meshes made by punching nickel plate and nickel foil;

Main materials: N4, N6; N02200

Executive standard: GB / T 5235; ASTM B162

The main nickel content of the N6 material exceeds 99.5%. The nickel wire mesh used in the N4 material can be completely replaced with the nickel wire mesh made of the N6 material. N6 materials that meet the requirements of GB / T 5235 can also replace N02200 materials that meet the requirements of ASTM B162.

Product details

Nickel mesh has good corrosion resistance, conductivity and shielding. Mainly used in the production of alkaline hydrogen electrolysis battery electrodes, battery electrodes, power grids, shielded radiation, special gas liquid filtration, etc. Widely used in new energy power generation, petroleum, chemical industry, aerospace, etc.

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Post time: May-08-2020