Daily protection of Plain steel wire mesh

                                                 Daily protection of Plain steel wire mesh

The Plain steel wire mesh is processed by a special mold through a punch. The raw materials are stainless steel mesh, black wire cloth and other rare metal products. They are generally used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and chemical plants. At the same time, when we face different environments, we can also make meshes of various shapes to adapt to the environment.


   (1) After a period of use, the filter mesh in the equipment will deposit a lot of impurities, which will cause the pressure of the equipment to increase and the flow rate to drop. At this time, it is necessary to arrange the filter mesh in time to continue to use;


   (2) The filter mesh equipment generally adopts the horizontal device method, and the direction of the entrance and exit must be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the equipment;


   (3) If the stainless steel wire on the filter is found to be deformed or damaged after cleaning, it needs to be replaced in time;


   (4) When cleaning impurities, pay attention to the protection of the screen on the filter. It should not be deformed or damaged, otherwise the filter after reinstallation will not be able to perform its due role.

Post time: Nov-09-2021