Extruder Filter Series

  • plain steel extruder screen in round shape

    plain steel extruder screen in round shape

    plain wire mesh ,normally has suuare mesh and dutch mesh and herringbone mesh .One of our most commonly made “customized filters” is an extruder screen. Sometimes these filters are also called screen packs, both mean the same thing.

    Extruder screens are a necessity for any extruder of polymer or plastic. We are going to explore all things extruder screens in this article, from definitions to pricing to how they are made.
  • Extruder Filter Series

    Extruder Filter Series

    Extruder screen  is in different types of wire mesh cut into pieces . The materials are mainly plain steel, stainless steel and other material. stainless steel screen packs are more resistant to rust than other materail . Stainless Steel Extruder Screens are widely applied on plastic sheet extruder, , granulator, and nonwoven fabrics, color masterbatch, etc. Mesh: 10~400Mesh Discs have different shapes, like round, square,kidney, oval and can be made according to customer’s requirments....