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Extruder screen  is in different types of wire mesh cut into pieces .

The materials are mainly plain steel, stainless steel and other material. stainless steel screen packs are more resistant to rust than other materail . Stainless Steel Extruder Screens are widely applied on plastic sheet extruder, , granulator, and nonwoven fabrics, color masterbatch, etc.

Mesh: 10~400Mesh

Discs have different shapes, like round, square,kidney, oval and can be made according to customer’s requirments.

Diameter of wire mesh discs: from 2–25″.

Major types:
Extruder screen filter disc, Multilayer extruder screen packs. Spot welded and aluminum frame Layer: single layer or multilayer.

Extruder screens provide a clean and clear extrusion for the melt filtration and plastic extrusion processing machinery. This pack screen filter elements is designed to keep away mixing of other particles in extrusion product.

Application: It is widely used in filtering of gas and liquid, separating of othermaterail, precise stress filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter, etc.

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