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Plain steel, also known as carbon steel, is a heavily used metal in the wire mesh industry.  It is primarily composed of iron and a small amount of carbon. The popularity of the product is due to its relatively low costand widespread use.

Plain wire mesh ,also known as balck iron cloth .black wire mesh .it is made of low carbon steel wire ,due to the different weaving methods .can be divided into ,plain weave ,dutch weave ,herringbone weave ,plain dutch weaving .

Plain steel wire mesh is strong and durable. It is dark in color compared to bright aluminum or stainless steel meshes. it does not resist corrosion and will rust in most atmospheric conditions. It is because of this, plain steel wire mesh is sometimes used as a disposable choice.

Uses: plain steel wire mesh is mainly used in filtration of rubber, plastic, petroleum and grains industry.There are many other uses as well. General contractors use the mesh for: infill panels, window guards, shaker screens, wall coverings, and cabinets. Car manufacturers use plain steel wire mesh for grill and radiator covers, oil strainers, and filtration discs. The agriculture industry uses plain steel mesh for machine and equipment guards as well as for separation and filtration.

Woven Type: Plain Weave and Dutch Weave and herringbone  weave .

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