Epoxy caoted wire mesh

1. Product name / nickname:

Epoxy coated wire mesh, epoxy coating mesh, electrostatic coating mesh, hydraulic filter protection mesh, hydraulic filter mesh, hydraulic filter metal mesh, filter support mesh, epoxy window screen mesh.

2. Detailed introduction of the product:

Industrial epoxy coated wiremesh  are mainly used for the support layer of hydraulic / air filters and components of filters. Civil epoxy nets are mainly used for anti-theft screens in high-end residential areas. Its molding is to absorb special epoxy mesh resin powder on the surface of the wire mesh woven from different metal substrates through electrostatic spraying. After a certain temperature and time, the epoxy resin powder is melted and covered on the surface of the substrate to form a dense Protective coating. Usually the substrate has stainless steel mesh, aluminum alloy mesh, carbon steel mesh. The epoxy resin powder includes indoor or outdoor type, which can be customized and developed according to customer requirements (including specific colors).

3. Features of the product:

After the surface treatment, the interweaving point is fixed, the mesh is uniform and square, the warp and weft are vertical, it is not easy to loosen and deform, and the support force is strengthened; the mesh surface is soft and easy to form; it can form different surface colors, the color is round and uniform.

Four. Product advantages:

Ansheng  has a complete product performance simulation laboratory, including paint film elasticity test, pencil hardness test, salt spray test, powder adhesion test, bending fatigue test, oil resistance test, etc. It is mainly used for epoxy resin powder incoming material inspection, products Process quality testing, and new product development testing, product quality can be controlled.

At the same time, YKM has two independently developed world-leading large-scale surface treatment production lines. It uses far infrared and natural gas hot air circulation mode production. It has the characteristics of stable heat release, uniformity, easy handling, environmental protection, etc., and the production capacity can reach 50,000 m2 / The annual output is about 15 million m2 per day. It has exhaust gas treatment facilities that meet the emission standards in the next 10 years, supporting post-processing capabilities such as slitters, slicers, splicers, and 30 high-speed original net knitting machines.

Product advantages:

1. It is resistant to oil immersion and corrosion. It can be tested by various brands of hydraulic oil media around the world at different temperatures and times, and the coating surface has no change. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure special hydraulic filter products.

2. Weathering resistance, according to the ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard, continuous testing of 96H coating surface without change, suitable for air filters in harsh environments and outdoor environments;

3. Strong adhesion, can pass H grade pencil test, 1kg / 50cm impact test, cross-cut test, anti-fatigue test;

4. High bending resistance, can be folded by a steel rod with a radius of curvature of 1mm, without cracks on the surface;

5. After the product is slitted, the edge of the edge wire will not fall off after the film is split, and the adhesion of the coating interweaving point can reach 0.7kg.

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Post time: May-08-2020